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The Land of The Miserable Men

Nov 7, 2018 | Blog, e-Commerce, Retail | 0 comments

I hate In-Store shopping

Well no, not really, actually I love it!, but only if I find the products I’m looking for right away (let’s say in maximum of ten minutes) and I don’t have to wait in line more than five minutes to checkout so I can happily go home back to my books while my coffee is still hot. This is normally true when I previously do an online research and go to the mall ALONE at the opening hour first thing in the morning. Yes, I know we can buy almost everything online nowadays, but there are things that people still needs to buy physically or simple because impatient persons like can’t wait.

Anyways, the reality is that most of the time I visit the mall with my family at rush hours, and the torture can last hours and hours, my wife always do her online research two or three days ahead the weekend, but at the moment she steps her feet inside the mall, all the plans for a quick shopping … well … ¡se van al carajo!. She and our daughter have to visit every single store and walk across all aisles to end the day buying NOTHING or something completely different. I think that’s part of all woman DNA, do not even think about complaining about it, just breathe, close your eyes and visit your happy place in your mind while the girls play their favorite sport: Shopping!

Bad for Business

I’ve found a way to survive the shopping season, just entertaining myself reading e-books, watching funny cat videos or simply scrolling on social networks (God bless Internet!). I bet most of the fellow gentleman do the same. But If you are a retail business owner in a Mall, let me ask you something. Can you imagine the amount of money your business is losing because of the pissed off/bored husbands playing with their phones or fighting with their wives because they just don’t hurry up?.

— Vicky, hurry up!

— Wait… come here… Red or blue?

— Yeah, either is fine, let’s go now, the Creed II movie is about to start!

— Jafet stop bossing out, please be patient!

— Yeah I’m patient but we have been here for two hours already!

— If you will be with that attitude forget about it, let’s go home, I don’t want to go to the movies neither.

And that was it, a plain lose for your business and the movie theater was also affected.

The solution — Pimp out your Store

Entertain us, show us things like the old merchants did in the XV century!, for instance while Jafet is waiting for Vicky to pick the right color for her dress your Smart Store could offer him products that he is not actually looking for, but he may be interested in. Install fancy touch-screen walls with simulator games where Jafet could photoshop his face on the Rocky Balboa’s body so he can share the video through his social networks … Yo Adrian!, discretely let him know on screen that you have a new model of boxing gloves available (Sports department), a play list of workout motivation music that he can purchase right away from his phone (iTunes or Google Play), the new nutritional supplements to be strong as Rocky (GNC store in a few meters) and even a free membership trials at the upstairs Gym, oh wait! he will need running shoes and clothes, here! have a coupon for your gray sweatpants, white Converse shoes and a red headband (yes, just like Rocky).

While Vicky is still choosing a color of the ten million the human eye can distinguish, Jafet already purchased products at four different departments and he is happy! Vicky is happy, the four sales managers are happy! and his Rocky video in Facebook has 300 likes already. Do you see what I mean?

Happy Husband = Happy Shopping!


We are living in a fantastic age of history where we can invent and build whatever we want with the right technological tools, for example Artificial Intelligence engines, Beacons, Virtual and Augmented Reality applications and intelligent devices. I won’t be surprised the day the toilet paper or brush-toot can do medical analysis and warn you about health conditions, or when your automobile call the ambulance while you are driving because the steering wheel has detected hearth attack symptoms with his sensors, or going ambitious a little bit, to have the technology to extend your brain with AI chips with knowledge modules or, why not? the cure of Alzheimer.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. (Alan Kay)

Jafet Sánchez

Jafet Sánchez

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