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Post-vacation blues

Aug 13, 2018 | Blog, Chronicles of a White Belt | 0 comments

I’ve was off the mats for more than a week, and I feel terrible, I feel heavy and everything hurts, today I’m returning to class and I won’t be surprised if everybody smashes me at all times. I took my gi with me with the intention to train at least one day at a local school in Tennessee, actually I talked with the coach there and made arrangements, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a space in time to attend.

A note to self: Next time at least do some solo drills at the middle of the night in your hotel room while everybody sleeps, you will fell better, I promise. Because right now you feel like a lazy fat piece of sh… for not even trying.

Am I right Jafet?

UPDATE (After class): Well, it wasn’t that catastrophic as I was expecting. Plus a team mate told me that I’m not a peanutbutter marshmallow anymore. (I hope this was a compliment, lol)

Jafet Sánchez

Jafet Sánchez

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