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No One Left Behind

Nov 7, 2018 | Blog, Project Management, Team | 0 comments

Dream Team Fantasy

There is a quote that says “None of us is a smart as all of us”, meaning that a hard team-work can produce amazing results due the sum of all the knowledge and experience of each team member, every member contributes equally and basically everybody can read each other mind, the universe is in a perfect harmony.

Bullshit! … that never happens in the real life. The truth is that most of the time a team is put together based on the project budget, never based on skill level, the client is always expecting experienced resources aka “seniors” but the reality is that at least half of the team is at “junior” level. I have seen this pattern all my professional life and is inevitable. Not that this is a bad thing, management always looks for the maximum amount of profit (as it should be), however all the pressure and responsibility falls in the team, and they are expected to deliver on-time, with-in budget and drama-free.

A + B = Success

Now, the real problem starts when the “A” players start complaining about “B” players’ performance because their knowledge is not at the same level of them for whatever reason (i.e. not familiar with a particular technology, just graduated from school or simply they are unmotivated slackers). Yes, you can be a Rock Star in the company, but your lack of leadership or arrogant know-it-all attitude will badly affect the project sooner or later, you will cause divisions and a bad vibe in the team.

In short, don’t be an asshole, nobody want to work with assholes. If you really want to be a leader and remembered as a respected professional, don’t bring your ego to the office and focus on rising your peers, mentor them until they level-up, they will become seniors eventually and they will do the same to the new juniors.

Band of Brothers

NO ONE LEFT BEHIND should be part of your company’s culture, in no time your employees won’t be just resources,they will become a Band of Brothers, ready for any project and proud to be part of your organization.

A perfect team is when everybody is transparent, everybody is there to help each-other, and most important, there is fun!

Jafet Sánchez

Jafet Sánchez

Software Engineer

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