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My Third Stripe

Aug 18, 2018 | Blog, Chronicles of a White Belt | 0 comments

Everybody got one today, so no big deal, however I feel a more responsibility on my shoulders, plus next month there will be a different schedule, they will split beginners class in two: Brand new students and a separate class for students with more than one stripe. The intention is to help us to progress and to rise the skill level bar. By the way, someone was promoted from White belt (zero stripes) to Blue belt. Good for him! he must be a beast!
Jafet Sánchez

Jafet Sánchez

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with +20 years of experience. Specialist in getting s**t done. Web Developer currently focus in the e-Commerce world with SAP Hybris and Magento (and soon Salesforce).

Happy Husband and Father of two, Jujitsu practicioner, Carnivorous, Catholic and currently living in this beautiful and cold place called Chicago